I am a native Oklahoman, whose family has deep roots in the state. I am a member of the Shawnee Tribe (, sometimes called the cherokee shawnee tribe. I am proud mother of 3 sons, all of whom are Eagle Scouts. My sons include a TAMU wildlife and fishery major who is now an assistant superintendent at a state park, a TAMU animal science major who pursed graduate work in biology/toxicology, and a fire/paramedic/emergency preparedness major who is now a fire fighter/paramedic. I have one wonderful daughter-in-law, who was a chemistry major at TAMU and is a pharmacist. I have another wonderful daughter-in-law that works at TAMU. I am a grandmother to an 8-year old, two 7-year olds, and a 18-year old, three boys and one girl! Caramel, caramel lattes, and green salsa are my guilty pleasures. For hobbies, I enjoy crochet, knitting, other home arts, and scuba diving. Teaching is the profession that I chose because I love working with learners. My research area is how to improve the teaching, and thus the learning of chemistry. I believe that learning is an active process in which the individual builds or constructs meaning from experiences and events, which must be integrated into their existing conceptual frameworks. As a teacher, my job is to facilitate student learning to the best of my ability.