Goggle Dyeing


1 pkg (1 1/8 oz) powdered Rit dye
4L beaker or stainless steel pan or pan you don't mind getting colored
Hot plate/stirrer and stir bar
Plastic goggles
Paper towels
rubber gloves or surgical gloves


1. Fill beaker with approximately 3.5L of water. (You can also use a stainless steel pan OR a pan you don't mind getting colored.)
2. Add entire package of dye.
3. Gently heat solution while stirring.
4. Prepare goggles by removing the lens and elastic band. The lens may have a plastic button or tab holding it in place. Use a dull knife or spatula to pop it open.
5. When solution is well mixed and heated, add goggles or part of goggles you want to dye. Wear gloves or your hands will be colored! Be careful not to splash, as your clothes will also be colored!
6. Rinse thoroughly with cool water and allow to air dry before reassembling and wearing.