Williamson S'17

How do I calculate my midterm grade?

Add your Exam 1(100 pt max)___________

And add your 1st and 2nd assignment ( with no dropping for midterm; 8 pt max) ____________

Finally, add your homework #1 and 2; 20pt max ) _________

This equals 128 pts maximum.

Keeping with the normal 10% cutoffs, you will need the following number of points for each grade:
A =115.2 pts, B = 102.4 pts, C = 89.6 pts, D =76.8 pts.

Your final midterm letter grade will be posted on ecampus. 

Since we don't drop anything at midterm, if you need a memo stating your current average later in the semester, let me know, as this is hardly midway through the 670 pts that you will have at the end of the course.

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