1:50 Exam II Key Spring 2017

Green, v1 Question White, v2 Lavender, v3
6 pts each unless noted 6 pts each unless noted 6 pts each unless noted
D 1 B (C=3 PTS) D
D 2 A B
C 3 D A
E (A=3 PTS) 4 A (C=3 PTS) E
D 5 E E
B (E=3 PTS) 6 C E
A 7 C C
E 8 D A (B=3 PTS)
D 9 C C
E 10 B E
E 11 C C
A 12 C A
B 13 C C
D 14 D D (E=3 PTS)
D 15 E A
B=3 PTS 16 D= 3PTS B= 3PTS

TOTAL MULTIPLE CHOICE POINTS = (15 x 6) = 90 PTS + (1 x 3) = 93
It will be easier to count the points you earned on each question.
Score =( # of 6pt questions totally correct x 6) + (3pt if you got the 3-pt question +partial credit)

SHORT ANSWER (7 pts total) See a complete solution and point allocation in the glass cases outside room 123. (ICE table to K expression, then square root to x value to concentration) 1/2 pt sig fig, 1.5pt ice table, 1 pt K expression or its use, 1 pt plug in equil amts into K, 1 pt square root both sides, 1 pt for x value, 1 pt equil conc.

Green v1 White, v2 Lavender, v3
[N2]=[O2]=0.292M [CH4]=[CCl4]= 0.212M [H2] = [I2]= 0.067M

[NO] = 0.033M

[CH2Cl2] = 0.0655M [HI] = 0.501M