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Williamson's Chem 102

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Please put "chem 102" in the subject line of your e-mail to me. I answer student e-mail first in my chem 102 folder and the others go into junk mail, so your messages will go to junk without chem 102 in the subject line! I only ck junk every couple of weeks or so!

PLEASE DO NOT USE @ OR to contact me- THESE WILL NOT GO THROUGH! Use if you need to contact me!


**Exam 2 was on Wednesday, March 7!! It covered through objective #8 on equilibrium (objective 9 and later will be on your exam 3)!! It contained 15 multiple choice questions (14 x 6pts + 1 x 4pts), plus a 12 pts short answer part. The short answer grades are posted. Be sure to add the MC to the SA to get your total Exam 2 grade. See the class average below. We have scanned all of the short answer sheets.
IF you think there is an error in your multiple choice, fill out a regrade form in room 412 HELD.
IF you think there is an error in your short answer after checking the posted keys in the glass cases on either side of room 123 HELD, then see me.

**Do you want to hear the lecture on objective 9 of equilibrium and Le Chateliers again? I have posted a lecture from previous semsters on the protected page.

**The lecture for Wednesday that is on acids/bases/salts is posted on the protected page. The homework on the content from the W lecture is due on Friday 3/23. The lecture for Friday will begin where it ends.

For Kinetics:
**A half-life is the time for 1/2 the conc to be used up. If the rxn is first order, then each half-life will be the same amount of time. If the rxn is zero order, the time for the second 1/2 life will be LESS than that of the first 1/2 life. For second order, then second half life will be MORE time than the first 1/2 life.
**The integrated rate equations call for molarity, but you can use mass (like mg) for radioactive decay, which is always first order.

**Check out the free drop-in tutoring in the help section below. These generally run from 5-9 on M-R.

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Exam Reviews



Click Hereto Access these items on the Protected Hompage (password was given in class on 1/17)

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Click here for the answers to questions YOU probably meant to ask: Frequently asked questions from e-mail are posted here by topic.  There are also practice questions and answers.

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**IF YOU MADE A 'D' in chem 101, you really should consider retaking chem 101 or have a very good reason for this score if you decide to continue in chem 102. Ideally, you want to have all of the concepts from chem 101 firmly understood, so you can go on to chem 102. I will always remind you of the concepts we are building on, so you can review the material if you need to. Some students will be coming from 107 or from testing out of 101.

**What are my recorded grades??? See your grades on Ecampus!

**How do I calculate my MIDTERM grade???Click here!
At midterm, we had 128 points possible (E1 = 100 pts, Homework 1-2 = 20 pts, Assignments best 2 of 3 assignments = 8 pts) NOTE: clicker points will not be in Midterm grades, nor will anything be dropped. This is NOT midway of the 670 pts possible in the course!! MIDTERM TOTAL POINTS AND LETTER GRADES ARE POSTED ON ECAMPUS. To keep the percentages for each type of grade (Exam, homework, assignments) about the same as they will be at the end of the semester, I had to go with 128 points at midterm.

**How do I calculate my FINAL grade???
Click here for an excel file that will download to your computer. On page 1, you can enter all of your earned grades, plus estimate the future grades, while on page 2, you can enter your grades for exam 1-4, homework, clickers, assignments and it will tell you what you need on the final for each letter grade.

**Is there any extra credit?  NO EXTRA CREDIT. (This is the policy for most college-level courses.) Only the credit offered on assignments, clickers, homework, exams is available.

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Dr. W's Office Hours
are in room 123B HELD:

Monday 11:30-12:30, 3-4:30
Tuesday 3/20 from 1:30-4:30
Wednesday 3/7

Friday 3/23 from 3-4:30

email me at:

**Please put chem 102 in the subject line of your e-mails to me. Otherwise, it will go to junk, which I only ck every week or so!

Jameon 's SI Hours:

Monday 7-8PM HECC 204
Wednesday 7-8PM HECC 204
Thursday 7-8PM HECC 202

email Jameon at:

See the goggle group at:

Ryan's Office Hours
are in 123B HELD:

Friday 11:30-1:30

FREE Drop-In Tutoring

1)  TA's in 406 HELD hold office hours to answer your questions for both lab (Chem 112) and lecture (Chem 102). See the schedule posted inside 406 HELD to find your TA or a TA you prefer. TA office hours began on Monday 1/22. Check the schedule outside room 406 HELD. There should be a TA on Duty from 8-6 M-W and 8-5 on R and F. See the schedule and plan your visit, avoiding times just before a lab begins.

2)THE TUTOR ZONES sponsored by the ACADEMIC SUCESS CENTER offers free drop-in tutoring. For details of courses and schedules, please see their web site at:

Tutors wear red Tutor Zone t-shirts, and you should see Tutor Zone signs. HELP is located at Tutor Zones in three locations THE TUTOR ZONES BEGISN ON 1/21.

*Evans location:
located on the 1st floor of Evans Library outside of the Poetry Circle Area
Get help here for Chem 102 from 5-9 on Su, M, T, W AND 5-8 on R

*Hullaballoo Hall
Room 105
Get help here for Chem 102 from 5-9 on Su, M, T, W AND R

*The Commons
Room 110 A & B
Get help here for Chem 102 from 5-9 on S, M, W, AND R

*White Creek Apts:
located in the Multipurpose Room, building 1590A
Get help here for Chem 102 from 5-9pm on Su, T, amd R

Room 107
Get help here for Chem 102 from 7:15-10 on M and W, 6:15-10 on T and R

PAID Individual Tutoring
See me during office hours for ideas about individuals who will tutor for hire in one-to-one sessions.

PAID Group Tutoring
* *I don't really recommend any tutoring agency. I think you can pick it up yourself or with the free help available (the SI, the IA, the 406 HELD help desk, the tutor zones, my office hours, the sample exams, and reviews movies!). I think the problem with these tutoring agencies is that they teach: 1) methods other than what I do, so students get confused and remember about 1/2 of each so mess up the exams and 2) shortcuts that only work in certain circumstances, so students miss it when I give questions. Use the free tutoring if possible! See me during office hours for ideas.

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You will have 7 sets of homework assignments, worth 10 pts each. Approximately 2 weeks of homework equals to one set.. When you miss a problem your online homework will show you how to work it or give you hints about how to work it. Then you will be given a similar, but different problem on your next attempt. You will have 10 attempts to get the problems correct.

Only the graded assignments MUST be done. The others are for your study (practice). You only need to do the required number of questions (e.g., 2 of 3). No extra credit for doing 3 of 3.

No difference in credit by attempts. You get the same credit if you complete the assignments on the first try or on the 8th try. No deductions for the number of tries it takes you to get to the required number of questions. Scroll to see all assignments in MindTap when in the weekly view

For 502 AND 505 using MindTap (some call it OWLbook or the Young,Vining book): Credit is given for the number of assignments (tutor questions and interactive questions) and mastery exercises that are mastered by the due date. Things like the Review, Challenge, and Study Guide are for your practice. I recommend these for study AFTER we have finished a chapter.

So if you master all that are assigned, you should receive full credit (10 homework points). The total possible is the addition of the numbers for all graded assignments. For each set, if you did all or at least 95% you will get 10 pts. If you get 90% of them, you will get 9 pts, 80% = 8pts, 70% = 7 pts, 60% = 6 pts, 50% = 5pt, 40% = 4 pts, below 40% = 0 pts.

Please note that there are computers in the student computing center, which you can use for homework, etc.  You will need your netID and password.

**YOU MUST USE to buy your homework/textbook system to get the TAMU prices. This deal will ONLY be available from our TAMU link. The publisher offers a 14-day free trial that can be used until you purchase your access code. If you want to take this option, see under To Register below.

**To Purchase your textbook bundle go to, choose 101/102, then our section. When you click on purchase next to our class, you now have the option of getting the textbook/homework/ebook in a number of formats. If you DID NOT buy a 24-month code for MindTap or OWL in your 101 class, then then you want to buy the $64 version, which does include the print copy (epack). There are also options for $85 for 24 months to cover both chem 101 and 102. The one option is without a hard-copy of the book, BUT one labelled as "epack" includes a hard-copy of the textbook, and they will mail it to you. If it is backordered, they will mail it to you when it is ready. You will get your access code for the electronic parts immediately. You really won’t need the print book. The homework system is really embedded in the book, such that you read a short section of the book, then have questions right below it for most of the assignments….. so unlike some homework systems the text and the question are in the same screen. Again, a number of my past students didn’t really want a print book.

**To Register: You can click on "register" next to our class from . You will be asked for your Cengage Brain account or to set up an account. If you purchased the book from the bookstore, you will enter the access code that will be on a card inside the book. If you just purchased from the website, all you have to do is log in with your Cengage Brain account. You can also opt to set up a 14-day free trial. You could also wait until the Homework help desk opens during the first week. The TA here can help you through finding and registering your code.

You shouldn’t need a course key to register for the course if you follow this: go to : Choose 101/102, then your section, then hit the register button. It will ask for your email and password that you gave Cengage when you purchased the code, then you will automatically be registered into the course.

Click here for a handout on how to purchase and/or register MindTap.

**If you purchased a 24-month OWL code last semester, you can exchange it for a MindTap code by clicking 101/102 from Then choose 101/102 and go to the bottom where you will see a link to exchange codes. Note, this offer is ONLY good for students who bough the 24 months of access - all accounts will be checked. Please allow three business days for your request to be processed. Note you can also use this website to go from MindTap to OWL.

Use this website to login AFTER YOU ARE REGISTERED in the course: NOT from ecampus! Ecampus is down too often!

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The full set of learning objectives is in your syllabus.

For the objectives and homework for Exam 1, click here! (A copy of this will be given in class on 1/19/18)
For the objectives and homework for Exam 2, click here!(A copy of this will be given in class on 2/9 or 2/14)

For the objectives and homework for Exam 3, click here! (A copy of this will be given in class on 3/19)

For the objectives and homework for Exam 4, click here! (A copy of this will be given in class on 4/17 )

You will need acrobat reader to see and print these.  These are the same as those passed out in class. If you need acrobat reader click .

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Click here for the syllabus and calendar in pdf. This is also on HOWDY and was emailed to you!

Ck your syllabus for your clicker and calculator needs.

You will need acrobat reader to see and print these. If you need acrobat reader click here

**Students cannot use calculators that are programmable or have alpha-numeric capabilities for the exams. This means no TI-eighty anything. You CAN NOT use a TI-83 since it has alphabetic memory. You need a TI 30 or 36 or its Casio equilivent. The calculator cannot have alphabetic memory. It should cost $9-15. Be sure to buy one with the keystrokes you like. For example: TI-83 require that you put in log then the number. If you want this same keystroke for your lower calculator, then at the store, hit the log button. If the calculator gives you an error, this calculator will require that you put in the number, then hit log. If the calculator says log and is ready for the number, this calculator has the same keystrokes as your TI-8X.

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**If you think there was an error in grading your exam after you compare the score you get with grading duing the key and the grade posted on ecampus. go to 412 HELD, fill out a regrade form, and turn it in. They will make a copy of your scan, hand grade it, and tell you when you can pick up the form and copy.

**If you missed an exam and need to sign up for the makeup exam, see or e-mail me. Makeups are granted for university reasons (or VERY good ones). Otherwise, the missed exam is the one you will replace with the final percentage.

**I do not return exams. You can review your exam and rework the problems on your exam during office hours (IA's or mine). You may only visit your exam until the next exam. You can rework the problems, but NOT copy the questions down. You can only review exam 1 until we have exam 2, and so forth. You will receive any short answer part back once it is graded.

** Remember that your final percentage can replace your lowest hourly exam, but you don't want two low exams (final's are worth 165 pts, so the percentage will replace your lowest 100 pt exam). 1 bad exam is not a problem, but you must do well on the remaining

*Rremember that your clicker, homework, and assignments pts should be 105 pts (15 + 70 +20) on which you should have at or near 100% on. IF you are doing these, you can make a little lower on exams than the letter grade you want in the course. For example if your exam average is around 68, then your points for clicker, homework, and assignments will bring up your course grade to a C (if you have all of these points).

**When it is available, download the grade calculator in the grades section below.

**Why is the exam average important???There is no extra credit. I don't curve, but will lower the points required for each grade at the end of the semester, based to a large part on the averages on the exams. Use the average to let you know both how you are doing compared to the class and how the class is doing. also remember that your exam grades can be a little lower than you want for the course, since your assignments (20 pts), clicker course points (15 pts) and homework (70 pts) are more than a test grade, for which you should get close to 100, in addition to the 1 exam grade that you can drop.

**Not happy with your Exam grade? Here are things that have helped students in the past:

**To study for the exam: 
1) do the two sample exams,
2) do some of the quizzes from the study guides on the appropriate chapters,
3) go over your objective sheet,
4) practice any objectives that you are weak on by doing more problems on that topic (using the quiz feature of the study guides for each chapter)
5) Do a quick read of the sections that are stated on your objective sheet.
6) Finally, go over the sample exams again, this time read the question and say HOW to work the problem, then uncover your answer and see if you know how to work the problem by reading it.
7) Then get a good night's sleep!!


Exam I = 75.6 /100 pts for the total exam for all classes. Click here for the 10:20 key AND Click here for the 1:50 key. Congrats to the 42 perfect scores and 83 others with 90% or better (so 125 A's +166 B's +135 C's +66 D's)!!

  Most missed (less than 50% correct): Poorly done (59-50% correct):
For 10:20 1. none
1. What is most soluble in CCl4
For 1:50

1. none

1. What is the highest freezing point of 0.10m solutions.

2. Which has the largest entropy? given phases, temperatures, pressures, and formulas

Exam II= 68 pts/88 pts for the multiple choice part and 76.95 pts/100 pts for the total exam. Click here for the 10:20 key (this key changed around noon on 3/19) AND Click here for the 1:50 key. Congrats to the 35 perfect scores and the 113 more will 90% or better on the full exam (On the total exam: 148A's + 147 B's + 128 C's + 80 D's!!).

  Most missed (less than 50% correct): Poorly done (59-50% correct):
For 10:20

1. none

1. Find k (the rate constant), given the order (1st), the chemical equation, and a table of time and conc.
For 1:50

1. none

1. none

Since there was an error in this problem which resulted in 2 correct answers for the item, I am not sure the class can find k (the rate constant), given the half-life time and the order, and the initial conc.


Exam III =71.4 pts/100 pts for the total exam. (click here for the 10:20 key) AND (click here for the 1:50 key).Congrats to the x perfect scores on the total exam and the xx more will 90% or better on the full exam (On the total exam: xxA's + xx B's + xx C's + xx D's).

  Most missed (less than 50% correct): Poorly done (59-50% correct):
For 10:20

1. Find the M of the salt at the equivalence pt when given mL and M of the base and only M of the acid (Not 1:1)

2. Which should be shown in an equil (does NOT go to completion)? SA, SB, WA, WB, or WA + WB

3. Given neg delta G and neg delta H, which is true? K less or greater than 1, heating causes K to decrease, catalyst changes K?, removing reactant, K expression.

1. none

For 1:50

1. Find the M of the salt at the equivalence pt when given mL and M of the base and only M of the acid (Not 1:1)

2. Which should be shown in an equil (does NOT go to completion)? SA, SB, WA, WB, or WA + WB

1. none

Exam IV = 73.5 pts/100 pts for the total exam. (click here for the 10:20 key) AND (click here for the 1:50 key). Congrats to the 24 perfect scores and the 66 others with 90% or better (90 A's, 138 B's, 87 C's, 103 D's)

  Most missed (less than 50% correct): Poorly done (59-50% correct):
For 10:20

1. none

1. Give the Ksp expression for a slightly soluble salt.

2. How will changing the pH affect solubility of salts? (lower pH, increases solubility for which salts?)

For 1:50 1. none

1. Give the Ksp expression for a slightly soluble salt.

2. How will changing the pH affect solubility of salts? (lower pH, increases solubility for which salts?)

3. With a power source and a molten salt, which is false? What happens at anode or cathode? E is postitive or neg? Rxn is spont. or nonspontaneous? Where is the neg. electrode? What is the products?

FINAL 130.8/165 pts (click here for the 10:20 key) AND (click here for the 1:50 key). Congrats to the 45 with scores of 165 or better and 64 others with 90% (148.5 pts) or better (so 142 A's, 134 B's, 93 C's, 86 D's )!!

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You will need an iclicker2. It is easier to get this from one of the bookstores in town. Some of the bookstores have used ones. You can order it online from iclicker-see the section below. Also see the clicker section below about how to register it! You do NOT need the iclicker with reef polling, only the remote!! BUT the one with reef polling will do the plain polling we will do, and it is the university approved one that you might need throughout your time here. We will use the iclicker everyday, BUT it will be the second week or so until we begin counting it for a grade!

Register your iclickers at is also linked on Howdy. WHEN YOU REGISTER YOUR CLICKERS, USE YOUR TAMU UIN! We use iclicker Classic and Blackboard!

**Chem 102 is the lecture course.  Chem 112 is the lab course.  These are separate courses. Chem 112 will be taught by a Teaching Assistant (a TA).  Dr. Lee and Dr. Bethel are the lab coordinators, in charge of TAs, curriculum, and grades.  The instructor listed on Howdy, is only the lab apparel safety inspector! If you have questions about the lab course contact Dr. Lee at or Dr. Bethel at (not the safety inspector).

**Wondering about the Zika Virus? Click here for a movie from the American Chemical Society that is straightforward

**Want to make your plain goggles colorful??  Click here for the instructions on how to dye  Get with friends to color a bunch at once!

** You can click complex molecules and see a 3D image of them

**Want to see a movie about the quantum world? Click here. Chemists usually stay with electrons, protons, and neutrons. These are split by Physicists who go deeper into quarks and leptons (6 of each), plus antiparticles.

** For more info on thermite (you saw the thermite demo in class). demonstration of thermite grenade cutting through steel.

**See this article about the benefits of taking notes by hand vs. keyboard:

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