Williamson F'17

How do I calculate my midterm grade?
 Add your exam 1(100 pt max)___________

And add your 3 assignments (1-3 with no dropping for midterm; 12 pt max) ____________

Add your pre-course ALEKS assignment (36pt max) _________

Finally, add your homework #1 - #3 (30pt max ) _________

(NO clicker scores at midterm)

This equals 178 pts maximum.

Keeping with the normal 10% cutoffs, you will need the following number of points for each grade:
A =160.2 pts, B = 142.4 pts, C =124.6 pts, D = 106.8 pts.

Your final midterm letter grade, after any cutoff adjustment, will be posted on ecampus.  While at the end of the semester, I do sometimes lower cutoffs to take care of those very close to a cutoff, I don't publish these lower cutoffs (now a new set of you are only a few points away). BUT at midterm, I usually do not lower cutoffs. THE CUTOFFS AT THE END OF THE SEMESTER DO NOT CHANGE IN SOME SEMESTERS!

NOTE: This is NOT midway of your 716 points for the course, but only 178/716 pts for the course.  Midterm grades are only important to significant others, your honors advisor, or your advisor if you are on probation.  If you need a memo to be allowed to enroll for spring, let me know and I can provide one later that has a better estimate of your grade. Remember at the end, you will replace the lowest exam with the average of the final, you will only count the best 5 assingments, and will have clicker points entered in (70% of the clicker points, gets 15 course points).

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